From the same game developer that brought the Candy Crush series of titles on mobile, in addition to notable others, King is once again back in the business of bringing quality and fun games to the gaming market with Rebel Riders.

What is Rebel Riders?

Set around the world of misfit toys that built an underground battle club, Rebel Riders is a real-time player-versus-player (PVP) mobile game, involving customizable combat vehicles, like tanks, and mayhem that ensues. If you have ever played games like Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 back on the console, then Rebel Riders should appear familiar to you, at least in gameplay.


But while the game’s gameplay design is a standard affair in the genre, the developers have made the game extra engaging by letting players collect characters and configure their vehicles. Often, as a reward for joining and completing various multiplayer matches across different modes, like Battle “Toyale,” Team Deathmatch, etc.

Which countries are supported?


Although many players would probably be itching to become a part of the game’s chaotic offering, Rebel Riders is currently only soft launching in select nations, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, and Germany for Android while being exclusive to Canada for iOS. Release date in other countries is currently unknown.

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