Roblox, a popular online game platform with an estimated 200 million players worldwide, is being accused of exploiting young children.

YouTube channel People Make Games posted a video on Monday enumerating several problems in Roblox. The video began with a claim that Roblox lacks protection for young developers who join development teams operating outside the platform. The video also pointed issues in in-game moderation and how easy for perpetrators to commit OSEC.

The video went on discussing about the official collectibles market in Roblox and how it awfully works like gambling, with children encouraged to spend real money. The video also revealed there’s a black market for these collectibles, where sellers can earn without Roblox taking a cut of their profits, and that children are often lured into these potentially malware-infested third-party websites.

This isn’t the channel’s first investigation into the matter, as it first exposed some shady practices in Roblox earlier in August.

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  1. Good post. When I saw this it was shocking. Sadly, it will/has not gotten attention until it is too late. The exploitation has already made them a huge company.