Tencent and PUBG Corp are on a roll as they release the new Sanhok map to the widely popular PUBG Mobile.

In the PUBG Mobile v0.8.0 update, Tencent Games has added tons of exciting stuff inside the famous Battle Royale game on smartphones. Aside from the Sanhok map, there are also new guns, weapons, and vehicles added to the game.

There are now Flare guns and QBZ assault rifles available for users to enjoy. A muscle car that has a convertible and hard-top version was also released, so you and your team could go into war in fashion. For those who dare to go outside of the Playzone, the 4-seater Bulletproof UAZ can also be obtained.


In addition, the developers added more anti-cheating measures to detect those who use prohibited tricks to get an edge on the game. A report button was also added in Spectator mode as well as the results and basic information pages.

The Sanhok map was first released in the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and then Xbox One at a later date. This is the first time that Android and iOS PUBG Mobile players will experience the new map, as they were previously limited to Erangel and Miramar.

More improvements are coming along the way of PUBG Mobile soon as the developers prepare for a new competitive season. New statistics, titles, and system improvements to make the game run smoother will also be released in the next update.

Download PUBG Mobile and the new update at the Google Play Store.

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