Playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds—or PUBG, for short—was so much fun to play, it led a phenomenal growth that easily surpassed even the previously most-played games on PC.

At its peak, PUBG was able to topple DOTA 2 for being Steam’s most playable game with millions of concurrent players at a given time.

Although the popularity of PUBG seems to have waned starting 2018, the launch of PUBG Mobile seemed to have given the franchise some player pull as it hits a milestone of 100 million downloads on both Android and iOS.


For a game that has been at the heart of most parties, tournaments, or social gatherings, PUBG and its subsequent mobile counterpart, gave success to a genre which was born from experiment and inspiration.

Yet, for a game as highly-competitive as a Battle Royale, playing PUBG is not just for amusement for many people. Other times, it’s about leaving a legacy for others to look up to or follow.

However, a goal as high as leaving a mark in PUBG is not necessarily a simply feat given the dynamics involved in its gameplay and considering other skillful players. Luckily, there are a handful of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile tips and tricks which will help pave the way to get the chicken dinner.


PUBG and PUBG Mobile gameplay tips and techniques


Set the graphics configuration to “low”

For a game as intense as PUBG, visibility is key to survival, especially if you must be in a lookout for enemies at any given place possible. Although, like many modern games, playing a game at max settings is the best way to go as far as getting amazing visual quality. In PUBG, it will cost you your survivability. See, when you have the graphics configuration set at max, you are given a visual render that is significantly different from those set in low.

For instance, when you have the game’s image quality at max setting, the grasses on the ground tend to be more abundant that they could make a great cover against watchful eyes. Intuitively, when set to the utmost opposite—that is, “low”—the grasses on the ground tend to be less visually pleasing and, more importantly, revealing of anything that may be lurking behind them, especially from a considerable distance.


Listen to footsteps with headphones

Those who survive any round in PUBG Mobile tend to be the most elusive, if not simply the luckiest bunch of the draw. They basically know when to hide and when to go to the open spaces to get to different locations.

When visibility is not catering to your success, there is another way which you could use to add to your advantage—your sense of hearing. By using a noise-cancellation headset, you are giving yourself a reliable source of input to detect whether or not there are opponents nearby by simply listening to their footsteps.


Don’t “hide” behind bushes when spotted or when the zone is still big

In as much the same way that lowering the graphics configuration of the game from your device is an advantage to have over any opponent, the same is also true to them who applied the same setting. But while these grasses may still offer a bit of obscurity at close range to passing enemies, that is simply not the case when having others from afar where you are most visible.

If, by a random and common chance, you get spotted by an enemy and is frantic at wanting to survive, choosing to dock on the grass is also not as good as opposed to opting to just run away or go behind better covers like rocks and trees.

Lean when shooting from a cover

When making a crossfire against enemies while staying behind a cover, do not overexpose yourself by shooting back without leaning. Many players tend to actually die in a crossfire in-game arising from this simple miscalculation for survival.


Maintain your health at maximum at all times, if possible

There are plenty of healing items in-game that will help you survive a perilous ordeal of trying to be the “last man standing.” Not only do you get them scattered across random locations, but you could also take them from fallen opponents or allies as needed.

Although many may find the consumption of these healing items to be ideal only during critical conditions or during the latter part of every round, in reality, keeping a full health at all times is crucial in achieving the highly-coveted “Chicken Dinner.”

But this is for good reason: some guns are actually designed to inflict at least 95% damage to your health and can be at most 97%, which easily translates to the afflicted player being put to a very critical condition or otherwise dead.


Lie down flat or jump to avoid getting ran by a moving vehicle

Apart from guns or melee attacks, another major killer in-game are reckless drivers who are more than willing to run over to death everything that walks. While it does not necessarily make player-drivers immune to attacks during a driving spree, the impact of getting hit by a moving vehicle is indeed deadly.

Yet, there are two known ways which any player with the right reflex and timing could apply and thereby have a solid proof to tell a tale: lie flat on the ground or jump at the right timing to avoid the moving vehicle.


Keep your energy bar full if among the last 10 standing

Energy bars are very important to survival in PUBG. In case of sustained health damage, the energy bar plays important role in providing needed healing to the player. At its fullest, it could heal as much as 80% of the player’s overall health.

In addition, having your energy bar full is important in making your character run faster which would imply better likelihood of not getting hit and being able to go from point A to B in the shortest time possible while running.

Don’t shoot unless you have a definite kill during the final circle

When there are only 10 to 11 players in the field apart from yourself, it is tempting to go on a shooting spree and claim the Chicken Dinner for yourself—but don’t!

While the small number of players at this point may seem like an easier task in comparison to when the game started, it is worth noting that the allowable space in the field also gets significantly smaller in the process. This is essential in order to pit every remaining player for the ultimate kill. To shoot without a guaranteed kill at this point is to reveal oneself and be the focus of everyone’s bloodlust.

That’s it! In case we missed anything, kindly let us know in the comments section below. If you have additional PUBG Mobile tips and tricks, share it with us.

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