With the release of Diablo IV as another entry into the mainline series fresh in the market, Secretlab announced a collaborative project with the franchise, which will bring a collection of gaming chairs designed to commemorate the limited partnership—and it is headed to the Philippine market as early as this month.

Secretlab, a respectable brand for gaming chairs, is known for producing variants when launching limited-edition products. The Diablo IV assembly is no exception as it gets two unique designs for interested buyers to choose from.

Lilith Edition Titan EVO


On the one hand, there is the Lilith Edition Secretlab Titan EVO, which comes in a dark color design befitting the ominous villain, the Queen of the Succubi, Lilith—largely black, with shades of red, as well as a depiction of Lilith herself at the back with the Secretlab trademark on top and the Diablo IV logo at the front.

Aesthetics aside, the chair is also notable for its features, such as the adaptable lumbar support, magnetic memory foam head pillow, and swappable/adjustable armrests.

Inarius Edition Titan EVO


On the other hand, there is also the Inarius Edition Secretlab Titan EVO, which comes in a light color design aptly suited for the archangel Inarius—mostly white and gray, with some touches of gold, including the Secretlab logo and the Roman numeral that starkly contrasts the black print in the Diablo IV branding.

Like the Lilith Edition Titan EVO variant, the Inarius Edition comes with an imprint of the former servant to the Archangel of Justice Tyrael, and the game’s war hero, Inarius. The emboss comes chiefly in black, with gold print protruding the character.

Out of the dissimilarities in the external schematics, the Inarius Edition Secretlab Titan EVO also embodies the same features seen with the Lilith Edition Secretlab Titan EVO.

Fans of either Secretlab or Diablo can get their hands on this collaborative product via Secretlab’s official Shopee store when they arrive on the Philippine shores beginning June 12, 2023. Meanwhile, a follow-up sale will take place on Lazada two weeks later, on June 26, 2023.

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