Sega is yet again tapping gamers’ nostalgic feelings with the release of the new Sega Mega Drive Mini 2.

Launched only in Japan, the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 might arrive in the United States and other markets as the Genesis Mini 2. Release details in countries like the Philippines are yet to be announced, too.


The retro console will come with classic Sega CD games from the brand’s 50 titles. The company is yet to reveal the full list of titles, but prominent games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Shining Force, and Virtua Racing will be in it.

One interesting inclusion is the Fantasy Zone, which actually never made it to Mega Drive/Genesis. This game only landed on Master System. Also, bear in mind that the line-up of titles may be different per country.

The Japanese game company said that all of the game titles have been reproduced faithfully for the old-new hardware. Saving game progress is possible, too.

Those who are in Japan can get the Sega Mega Drive mini 2 starting October 27 for a price of JPY9,980 (around Php4,000). The company is also selling a special attachment that lets you mount the original Mega Drive Mini for JPY4,500 (around Php1,800).

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