Keen at delivering a promised product sometime between 2020 and 2021, Sony is reportedly going to ramp up the pace by producing one PlayStation console per every 30 seconds at its Japan-based plant.

In addition to the company’s up and coming console, the manufacturing facility will also see ongoing production of the PlayStation 4 alongside.

Fully-owned by Sony, the Kisarazu-based plant sees home field advantages thanks primarily to the 32 especially-designed Mitsubishi robots that work tirelessly on a 100-foot assembly line.


Overseeing that the plant’s processes is in good working order are the 4 staffs that are under the employ of the company.

Due to its overall efficient design, two PlayStation 4 units are being produced every minute—which is also the projected rate at which the PlayStation 5 console is going to be manufactured en masse.

Unknown to many, that exact same plant has been producing Sony’s video game console since the original PlayStation launched in 1994.

Source: Asian Nikkei Review

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