Steam has recently removed over 170 games from their Store Library in the past couple of weeks, as these games were classified to be very satire or as Steam would say, “straight up trolling”.

The premise of these games would range from various popular settings like politics that involve popular and controversial personalities like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

An example game would be Make Border Great Again, a clear parody of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”. Steam troll games also include Erotic games like MILF and Hentai Puzzle as well several other pointless games like Putin, Boobs and Trump.



If you’ve already bought the games MILF, 69 and even Hentai Puzzle, you’re lucky as you’ll get to keep them in your library. Steam has can no longer remove these games from your library, once bought. Although, it’s kind of weird that you own this kind of games in the first place.


Here’s a list of the banned games on Steam. This list includes all of the games they’ve removed from the store. Currently, they’ve banned 681 games and around 170 games the past few weeks.

The number would surely rise as Steam cracks down on the different “troll” games in the market. Steam has also permanently banned several developers of games that they felt fit the “straight up trolling” description of games.

In a blog post published in early September, Valve has already hinted about this troll games purge.

What do you guys think? Is Steam doing the right thing by banning these games?

Source: PC Gamer

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