Steam just made game transferring easier for everyone. There is no need to uninstall the games only to download them again, saving you from the dreadful downloading of tens (even hundreds) of gigabytes of data.

This process will let you move the games individually, which means you need to be patient during the transfer.

In order to do this transfer, Steam must have the latest update. This can be done by clicking on “STEAM” at the upper left corner of the screen, wait for the menu to appear and hit “Check for updates”.

Once you’re done with the update, you can proceed to the next step which is Creating a second Steam folder. Simply Click “Steam” then “Settings”, look for the “Downloads” button, then the “Steam Library Folders”.

Once you’re in the Steam Library Folders, click “Add Library Folder”, select the second drive (where you’ll be transferring the games) and click “New Folder”. After this, you can name the folder whatever name you see fit, hit “OK” followed by “Select” to choose the newly created folder.

The folder will now appear in the Steam Library folders list.

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After this, you can proceed to moving your games to the new folder. To do this, right-click the game you want to transfer while in the Steam Library. Look for “Properties” and wait for a new window to appear. Click “Local Files” then the “Move Install Folder” button.

Select the folder where you want to move the game and click “Move Folder”.

This process is to be repeated when moving other game folders.

Once this is done, the folder will appear among the list. This will allow easier transfer of Steam games to the new hard drive, SSD, or folder. It will also lead to Steam asking you where you want to install games that you will be downloading in the future. This transfer is a simple process that will save every gamer time and memory space on their computers.

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