If you’re a gamer, you probably know about Steam. It’s where lots of games are available for purchase. From Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2k, and Counter-Strike – they have it all.

Steam has been the go to marketplace for a while now not only because of its because excellent platform, but also due to the wide range of options available there. Some categories are Free to Play, RPG, Action, Adventure, Sports, Racing, Massively Multiplayer, etc.


I was doing my usual stuff – updating the games I play and checking the ones on sale. I was delighted to see that  the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was on sale for 50%! The original price was already low at only $14.99, but at just $7.49 it’s just too hard to resist. ITo be honest, I don’t play all that much as I only do it once in a while whenever I want to kill some time. I’m a big fan of online multiplayer and FPS games, so this game is perfect for my taste.

I finally decided to buy the game as the deal timer is already running out.


For those who want to buy Steam Games, follow the steps below.

1. Search for the game you want.

2. Click “Add to cart”.

3. Choose between “Purchase for myself” and “Purchase as a gift”. Select the latter if you plan to give the game to a friend.


4. Select your preferred payment method. Just like before, I used my Globe GCash American Express account because it’s my favorite. I use this service to purchase apps and games from Google Play and App store, as well as items from Amazon.

*Note: Make sure to top up your GCash AMEX account before making any purchase. You can load it up by using online banking from your banks (I use BPI) or by going to GCash centers nationwide.


5.  Done! You can now download and enjoy your new game!

If you have any experience in shopping games on Steam, let us know in the comments!

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