Buying apps on our favorite app stores usually require a credit or debit card. Due to this, most Filipinos cannot purchase the apps and games they want. Luckily, thru Globe GCash American Express Virtual Pay, you will be given the power to get them all without having a bank account.

We’ve been able to set this Globe GCASH AMEX account up fast as it just requires several steps. There are some special cases though, as you need to be KYCd (know-your-customer) first on Globe Centers before being entitled for a GCASH AMEX account.

Buy apps, games, songs, and videos on iTunes and App Store

Now, let’s get back to the main topic. First, we’ll tackle how can you buy from Apple’s App Store. If it’s your first time, you’ll be choosing which account you have and you need to choose AMEX. After that, all you need to do is fill up all the details needed and once complete, they will deduct around $1 to your balance to confirm that it’s active. Be sure to have enough funds on your account.


I’ve purchased several apps like Temple Run Oz, Granny Smith, Real Boxing, Garage Band, and NBA 2k13 to test it out and it worked out really well. The cheapest game among these costs $0.99 and the most expensive is $4.99. I have also tried buying songs on iTunes and here are the ones I got in the photo below.

These songs cost between $0.69-$0.99 each. One music video I bought charged me $1.49.

Buy apps and games on Google Play Store


When it comes to the Play Store, the steps were nearly identical. You will be filling up the necessary details of your Globe GCash AMEX account and after that you’ll be charged $1 for verification. Once it’s done, you can immediately go and buy apps and games for your Android device.

I have tried to purchase an app too that costs $4 and it went smoothly. What I like is that they even send me the receipt of the purchase I made via email so I can keep track of the transactions and expenses I made. You will also receive an SMS from GCash telling you how much your purchase is.

Purchase up to Php500 worth of digital goods for Postpaid subscribers


Globe also has a special deal for their postpaid subscribers. They will be capable of purchasing up to Php500 of digital goods on their account and it will just be billed together with their plan. Quite simple, right?

UPDATE: You may now buy apps and games using your Globe prepaid/postpaid!

Overall, I must say that Globe GCash AMEX is a very big help for people who want to buy the latest apps and games available in the market.  Get more information and give it a try here.

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  1. Do I really have to be KYCed to purchase in-game stuff at the app store? I thought you can still purchase even without being KYCed but with limits. See my problem is, we don’t have an affiliated globe stores here that caters GCash KYC, I’d have to travel for 4hrs via Cagayan de Oro City or an hour and a half via Butuan City just for that and it sucks. Why can’t they do an online verification like Paypal — I sent them my credentials like passport and other valid ID’s. (@_@)