Globe introduced a feature that let their users legally buy any content from the Google Play Store (Apps, Books, Music, etc.) as well as making in-app purchases. All transactions will be credited to the customer’s prepaid/postpaid accounts. The total amount of purchased Play Store content will be charged in a postpaid user’s monthly bill while prepaid users shall be charged with their current load balance.

This new mode of payment by Globe really opens an opportunity to a massive number of Filipinos, ’cause many of them are really interested in purchasing paid applications/games or even buy extra credits on a particular game to unlock new features instantly. However, most were constrained for two reasons: One, some users are too conservative on sharing their credit card accounts online in the fear of fraud. Second, some just simply doesn’t have a bank account to sign in.

*Note: If you use GCash AMEX, you can also buy apps using that service. Check it here.

To help you get on with it, here’s a step-by-step guide for prepaid users. (Note: This feature is also available to Touch Mobile users and follows the same steps.)

Here’s our video tutorial!

Purchasing on Google Play Store

1. First, open the Play Store and pick your desired paid app or any content.

How to Buy Apps/Games on Google Play Using Globe Prepaid/Postpaid

2. Tap the button that has the price, click ‘Continue’, then pick ‘Enable Globe Telecom billing’.

Google Play using Globe Prepaid Load 23

Optional: This message may or may not pop-up, if it does, just hit send.

Tutorial on how to buy apps and games on Play Store using Globe

3. It will ask for some of your basic information (Name, mobile number and complete address). Everything must be filled out right, but in case you’re unfamiliar with your postal code, you can skip it.

How to purchase Apps and Games on Google Play using Globe Prepaid Load (7)

4. It shows the summary of your written information, you can alter it by tapping the button on the right. You may also read Globe’s Terms of Service by tapping the link at the bottom. Click the ACCEPT button once you’re satisfied.

Buy games using Load

5. This pop-up will appear, just hit ‘Buy’. If you’re downloading a large application/game, another message will appear, press ‘Proceed’.

Purchase Apps using Globe Prepaid Load

6. Lastly, it will ask for your Google password. Then, “Payment successful” pops-up, tap OK.

Music, Movies, Books in Google Play using Globe Postpaid

*After the successful registration of your Globe account, you will only be required to type in your password next time you will purchase something on the Google Play Store.

*There is also an added 12% on top of the actual price for the VAT. For a perspective, Worms 3, the app that I purchased, costs Php88.15, the VAT included an additional Php10.50, resulting to a total of Php98.75.

*After a purchase has been made, a notification will be sent to both of your registered email and mobile number.

Making in-app purchases

1. Open the app and head on to the content you want to purchase. Either a new inventory on a RPG game, exclusive filters on a photo-editing app, or coins on a simple game like this:

Buy In-app purchases using Globe load and postpaid

2. A pop-up will show, tap ‘Buy’. Assuming that you have already registered your Globe Prepaid account, you will just have to code in your Google Password. If not, follow the process above.

Tutorial how to buy IAP

3. Done!

How to Buy Apps/Games on Google Play Using Globe Prepaid/Postpaid - NOYPIGEEKS

*Like regular items on the Google Play Store, in-app purchases are also subject to 12% VAT on top of the specified price. A notification will also be sent on your registered email and mobile number to confirm the transaction.

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  1. Ayaw sakin, sabi, You don’t have enough credits to purchase this item, kahit may load naman ako, patulong pls?, sayang load ko

  2. Di ko ren ma purchase usong my load always says error.try to contact your service provider

  3. I just want to ask please reply. What if I successfully installed a paid application. Can I send a copy of it via bluetooth or shareit to my friends? :D #PLEASEREPLY

  4. Dear Globe, please help me regarding top up. When i enable globe telecom billing it says can’t verify account please try again, i have 500 load please help me about this.

  5. good day po… ano po b ang dapat gawin kapag ito lumlabas.. the number you provided is not your globe customer service… salamat po

  6. Why it says you dont have enough credit left in ur account to proceed this purchase. But i fo have 200 load in my globe simcard the price of the app im going to buy is 179.99 plsss help

  7. “Can’t verify your account. Try again later.” Plss Reply, I don’t know what I’m going to do…..How do you do this?