Everyone’s favorite mobile social app for iOS and Android just keeps getting better and better. Now in its version 5.0, WeChat introduces many new features and improvements for its 70 million worldwide users to enjoy.

One of the more notable additions is the sticker shop, a feature in several platforms that’s been recently made trendy by Facebook messaging. However, WeChat’s own take of the feature is only available after purchases; free stickers are nowhere to be found at the moment.

Mobile Messaging App WeChat- Comb

Feature: WeChat: The All-in-One Mobile Messaging App

There are more to be enjoyed in WeChat 5.0. For instance, the contacts functionality has been streamlined to allow adding friends faster and easier. Similarly, joining into group conversations is also improved, as well as Facebook integration and brand accounts categorization.

All these new features are ready to impress iOS users once they update their WeChat app. Android users, on the other hand, will receive the update in the future.

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