The SanDisk Ultra II SSD was recently unveiled last week, introducing a bigger storage capacity and faster performance. Best of all, it’s cheaper at just less than 50 cents per gigabyte.

In comparison to its predecessor (the Ultra Plus SSD), the SanDisk Ultra II SSD has increased its max capacity from 256GB to 960GB. Other capacities are also available—120GB, 240GB, and 480GB.

Perhaps more notably, the SanDisk Ultra II SSD can boost the performance up to 28 times on computers that use typical hard disk drives. That means minimal waiting times on system boot-ups and shutdowns, as well as faster app launches and longer battery life. The Ultra II SSD is also optimized to run without making a lot of noise and excess heat. It’s also geared against shocks and impacts to protect the data stored in it.

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But for those looking the best value for their hard-earned money, the greatest thing about the SanDisk Ultra II SSD is that it only costs less than 50 cents per gigabyte storage. For instance, online retailer Adorama sells the 960GB version for just $499.95. It’s still more expensive that traditional HDDs, but it’s one of the cheapest selections in solid state drives.

[Source: SanDisk]

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