With the help of today’s advancements, DIYs (do-it-yourself) tutorials are everywhere. Whether you are making a simple meal or doing a complicated procedure, DIY videos will help you in doing it.

Why pay someone to do the job for you when you can do it on your own? Just prepare the materials needed, follow the instructions carefully and you’ll probably do good.

Cara Brookins, a wonderful mother of four, built a home for her family. It sounds unimaginable but this family was able to create a house from one scratch. Together with the help of her kids aged 17, 15, 11, and 2, they were able to build a house that they literally built on their own.

The story behind her monumental achievement rooted from her tragic experience as a wife to her cruel ex-husband. It was when she left him that she realized how badly her family needed a clean slate. During Thanksgiving, Cara and her children had left for a family getaway and on their way to their destination, they passed upon a house that was left to rot by a tornado. While others saw an eye sore, Cara saw a huge opportunity. Though there were financial issues, Cara’s resourcefulness paved way for the completion of the house. With only hope and love for her family, the nine-month construction began.

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Thanks to her unwavering spirit and the numerous video tutorials uploaded on YouTube, her lack of experience would soon become a wondrous experience known to the whole world. Her daughter Hope was assigned the task of marking the different spots of the soon-to-be Brookins’ house while Drew handled the nail gun throughout the construction. Meanwhile, someone was assigned to look out for 2-year-old Roman as he played around the area.

After months of hard work, the family was able to build a house and create an even stronger and closer family. Since then, the family’s story has served as an inspiration to many.

“Forget everything you’ve been told about taking baby steps. Everybody says, ‘If you just take a small step every day, it will get better.’ In my experience, though, it doesn’t. You have to make a big leap. It has to be this huge, enormous act.  For us, it was building a house. For somebody else, it could be something totally different. But you need to do something big that changes your perception of yourself,” she said.

So for all of you out there who wants to build something, start finding the best tutorial you can find and begin the process. If this family was able to make a house, so can you.

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