A new bill that will subject spammers to penalties for sending calls, text messages and emails without solicitation is being prepared for passage during the upcoming Congress session next month.

Filed on June 6 as House Bill No. 9608, otherwise known as the “No Call, No Text and No Email Registration System and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof”, the bill has the endorsement of the House Committee on Information and Communications Technology.

The bill is a consolidation of five proposals by four representatives, one of whom is Rep. Victor Yap of Tarlac.

Yap, who also chairs said committee, proposed in his original bill that subscribers need to provide consent to advertisers to promote a less intrusive practice of marketing. He laid out an opt-out mechanism that allows subscribers to take back their permission at no cost.

He also indicated that the National Privacy Commission shall be responsible for establishing a national registry and imposing fines of up to Php100,000.

Besides Yap’s, the other proposals that House Bill No. 9608 is based on came from Reps. Precious Hipolito Castelo, Francis Gerald Abaya, and Roman Romulo.

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