The Automated Inventory Management System (AIMS) sought to improve the Bureau of Customs’ error-prone jobs at the Customs Facility Warehouses (CFW) level. Now, the government agency is fully employing the enhanced system in every Collection District.

The common problems that AIMS address include the handling of a plethora of paperwork, repetitive report generation, manual encoding and arranging, faulty cargo release, as well as invisible cargo status for importers.

Apart from its effective capability in handling the aforementioned, the system is also equipped with quality-of-life improvements, such as the automated calculation of fees for billing invoices, access to cargo and container details, self-service check of cargo status and pro forma invoice, and an online confirmation and approval before release.

The updated AIMS also is designed for easy monitoring, which allows it to be monitored anytime and anywhere via the system. Likewise, reporting on concerns regarding abandoned, overstaying, unreleased, and released can be produced through AIMS.

The improved system is credited to Assessment & Operations Coordinating Group (AOCG).

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