The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) expressed its support for Senate Bill No. 2092, which will require internet service providers and telecommunications companies to provide subscribers refunds in case of service interruptions and outages.

With Senate Bill No. 2092, companies that provide internet services must provide a refund credit to a subscriber, or adjust the subscriber’s bill on a pro-rated basis, if they experience service disruption or outage for an aggregate period of 24 hours or more within a month.

The same refund credit shall also be given to prepaid subscribers.

This bill wants to append the Republic Act No. 7925, also known as the Public Telecommunications Policy Act of the Philippines that became law in 1995.

The Senate introduced a bill a few weeks ago, and now, the DICT showed its support by saying that it’s a responsible delivery of telecommunications services to the Filipino people.

Secretary Gregorio Honasan II of the DICT added that “It is only just and necessary that Filipinos get the quality of service they pay for.”


Honasan does recognize the challenges that internet companies face when they try to improve their infrastructure and services. Hence the reason why the agency came up with the Common Tower Policy.

Introduced in May 2020, the Common Tower Policy, a.k.a Department Circular No. 008 of the DICT, provides a guideline for the co-location and the sharing of Passive Telecommunications Tower Infrastructure for Macro Cell sites.

The DPWH also said they now allow telcos to build infrastructure along national roads.

This will make it easier for telcos and ISPs to build more cell towers and improve their services.

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