Doble Plaka Law: R.A. 11235’s updated Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR)


LTO’s Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act has just been updated from its 2019 version with a new R. A. 11235’S Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). This was made after a restraining order for its implementation was released due to the extra cost and unclear guidelines that were found by the court as well as the regular motorcycle riders.

  • The 13 pages of the ‘doble plaka’ law document have stated that a motorcycle’s plate in front should have a size of 135 x 85 mm and not the metal plate which was previously proposed.
  • On the other hand, the motorcycle’s rear plate should have 235 x 135 mm size which is way larger than what is currently used, especially in the Metro Manila.
  • A person must be able to read the font size of the plate when he is 15 meters away. Each region will also have a specific color and stickers so traffic officials can easily identify where the motorcycle came from.
  • When a motorcycle rider does not comply with these requirements, they will get a costly fine. If a rider places an unreadable plate with the distance indicated above, the fine ranges from Php50,000 up to a maximum of Php100,000. The same goes if a motorcycle doesn’t have any plate at all plus an impending impoundment case for the whole unit.

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  • Those who buy and own a motorcycle for the first time will now be required to have it registered within the first five days or they will get a fine amounting to Php20,000 or up to Php50,000. They will also be put behind bars with a maximum of 12 months from the time of the violation.
  • Tampered plates from the ones that were issued by LTO will get a penalty of Php50,000 up to a maximum of Php100,000 with the same gravity for stolen plates. Companies and individuals are also not allowed to put a motorcycle on sale if they do not comply with the IRR.
  • A lost or stolen plate should be reported to the PNP and/or LTO within 72 hours with an affidavit of loss, or else the owner will get a fine against his license. Once a crime is traced to be related to the motorcycle, enforcers can inform the current rider and have it impounded for security reasons.
  • The newer version also states that any damage in the motorcycle caused by the apprehension or any traffic officer which need repair or replacement parts will be paid for the responsible officer.
  • All imported units of motorcycles from foreign countries without the space needed for the new plate will not be given an LTO license for use.

Authored by Senator Richard Gordon, the law was made into effect last March 2019 by President Rodrigo Duterte. The most recent version has been certified by the Edgar Galvante, the LTO’s Chief Officer, last 11th of May 2020.


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