The Department of Transportation (DOTr) announced that they will be suspending the mandatory use of Beep cards on EDSA buses starting today, October 5, just days after the “No Beep Card, No Ride” policy was implemented back on October 1.

The decision was made after the automatic face collection system (AFCS) provider, AF Payments, Inc., refused the government’s request to wave the costs of purchasing a Beep card.

As you know, a Beep card costs Php180. Php100 of that is for the consumable load that commuters can use on their trips, while the Php80 is the payment for the card itself.

That cost is just too much to bear, especially for the commuters who are daily wage earners and was badly affected by the recent global health issue.

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This is the main reason why the DOTr is forced to suspend the mandatory use of Beep cards in EDSA busway.

DOTr expressed that the EDSA Bus Consortia will look for a different AFCS provider that will have a better solution. For now, a dual payment system will be implemented. Which means that, you can still use your Beep card if you already own one. But those who don’t can pay in cash.

The cash payments will be collected from the EDSA Bus Consortia and the stations. You can check DOTr’s full statement below.

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