The National Telecommunications Commission should intervene in the delays in implementing the new Mobile Number Portability law, says Infrawatch PH, an infrastructure-oriented think tank.

Infrawatch PH has submitted a letter request to the NTC for a motu proprio inquiry on the implementation of the new MNP act.

For a quick background, the Mobile Number Portability act (Republic Act 11202) now allows users to switch mobile networks while keeping the same number. Filipinos can switch from postpaid to prepaid and vice versa, or switch between providers i.e from Smart to Globe, etc.

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However, there were apparently some telco providers who failed to make MNP available to their service on the government-scheduled date: September 30. Hence, the Infrawatch PH’s recommendation for the NTC to intervene.

While we welcome the clarification of telcos that there is no bad faith in the delays and problems in implementing the MNP, it remains our position that the NTC should keep telcos honest by ensuring that they cannot impose process roadblocks to frustrate the objectives of the MNP,

Terry Ridon, Infrawatch PH

Ridon, who was also the former House Information and Communications Technology member, added that the system glitches and bugs should have already been found and resolved prior to the commercial launch since telcos were given sufficient time.

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He added that switching networks should be much easier and “not be more than a one-day affair.”, especially with the risks caused by the health crisis.

Ridon added that telcos seem to be imposing process roadblocks to prevent their users to switch networks.

“Telcos are doing this by limiting booking appointments relating to NMP, defining bundled services broadly to cover a wider swath of excepted mobile numbers, and limiting functionality required for third-party services such as virtual wallets and online banking,”

“We have received reports that several customers who ported out of Globe had been unable to use the full functionality of their virtual wallets such as topping-up their mobile load and receiving One-Time PIN notifications,”

Terry Ridon, Infrawatch PH

Ridon also claims that telcos are creating their own timelines on specific processes which are in violation of MNP regulations. That includes phone unlocking processes that are beyond the two business day requirement by the NTC.

This is why they want the NTC to intervene in these public complaints before they escalate.

Via: Manila Bulletin

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