Last Wednesday, July 27, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is asking senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWD) to take advantage of their 5% special discount for Basic Necessities and Prime Commodities (BNPC).

DTI made the statement after it released the Joint Memorandum Circular No.01, series of 2022, that has the title “Guidelines on the Provision of the Mandatory Statutory Benefits and Privileges of the Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities on their Purchases through Online (e-commerce) and Phone Call/SMS”.


This 5% special discount is different from the regular 20% that they get from different goods and services.

“These benefits and privileges under the said Circular, including the 5% discount on BNPC purchases, are meant to be utilized especially the Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities all year round, and not only amidst the pandemic,” said undersecretary Ruth B. Castelo of the DTI.

With the 5% discount, seniors and PWDs are allowed to have a maximum purchase amount of Php1,300 weekly, both for online and physical purchases, without carryovers of the unused amount.

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The rule also states that the amount must only be for the consumption of the seniors or PWDs themselves and must be used on at least four kinds of BNPC items.

To get the discount, eligible recipients must disclose to the seller that they are indeed senior citizens or PWDs. To do so, they must submit supporting documents like a digital copy or photo of an ID and the front and last pages of the purchase booklet.

Those same documents shall be presented upon the delivery of the goods.

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