Aside from haggling, a good way to get the best prices on Facebook Marketplace for secondhand items is to be among the first to contact the seller whose newly posted goods are tagged with huge discounts. By creating alerts, you’ll get notifications as soon as these items are posted.

How to Create Item/Product Alerts on Facebook Marketplace

Creating alerts is simple in just four easy steps:

1.) At the Marketplace page, enter what item you’re looking for at the search bar, and press Enter.

2.) When the search results are shown, click Notify Me. In the Facebook app, this is the bell button right next to the Filters button.

3.) Make further optional configuration to the alert: set the center location, the radius, and optional price range.

4.) Click Create Alert.

With this, you no longer have to keep checking the Marketplace as Facebook will simply notify you for new postings of the item you want. The alerts will appear like a regular notification. To avoid getting irrelevant notifications, use terms specific or close to the item name when creating alerts.


How to Remove Product Alerts on Facebook Marketplace

When the time comes that you’re no longer interested in an item, you naturally don’t want Facebook to keep pestering you about new listings of it. Deleting an alert is similar to creating one. You need to use the same search term you used to create the alert, but instead of the Notify Me button there’s an Edit Alert button near the search bar. Click on that to open a dialog box, and in there click Remove Alert.

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Configure Facebook Marketplace Notifications Settings

For further tweaking, go to Facebook Marketplace and click the Settings button (gear icon). Select Customize Notifications. If you’re using the smartphone app, tap the commerce profile button first, tap Settings, then select Manage Notifications.

In here you can configure what notifications you’d like to receive, such as when a seller replies to your inquiries. You can also get notified for new items based on your shopping interests and for previously viewed items whose prices have been lowered.

In the app, there’s a section called Saved Searches where you can see all your saved alerts. You can toggle each alert to turn their notifications on or off. To delete, tap Edit and tap the trash icon on each saved alert you’d like to remove.

If you don’t like to delete your alerts, you can alternatively just turn off all notifications from the Marketplace.


How to Enable (or Disable) FB Marketplace Notifications

Remember to configure your general settings, or your notifications may not work the way you like. See if Marketplace-related notifications are enabled (or disabled) and where you receive the notifications.
1.) Go to Notifications Settings, and click Marketplace.

2.) Turn on (or off) Allow Notifications on Facebook.

3.) Configure where you’d like to receive the notifications: push, email, or SMS.

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  1. I am trying to set up a Marketplace product alert. My version of facebook is 374.0 and there is no bell button right next to the Filters button. How can I get the bell button to show up?

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