How to Save or Download IG Stories

Do you love a video snippet so much that keeping it live for only 24 hours feels too short or even a once-in-a-lifetime thing? Perhaps this is true if you are an avid follower of someone in Instagram who find treasure in what that person shares in the platform.

But why limit your pleasure of viewing somebody else’s “Stories” for just 24 hours when you can download the video and keep it in your storage indefinitely, likely as memorabilia?

In fact, if you are using an Android device, there is in fact an easy way to keep people’s Stories in your phone and it only takes the right app to do so.


Download Instagram Stories for Android users

Android users just have to the Google Play store and search for an app called Story Saver.

Once you run the app, Story Saver will prompt you to log into your own personal Instagram account. Do so and you will be presented with an interface which literally does nothing but track your list of followed users and show you any available Stories they might have posted in that particular day.


This app lets you search for specific personas and allows you to choose which Stories you could download. Simply tap on the Stories that piqued your interest and in the menu that will rise, choose “Save” to download it.

If you are a first-time user of the app, you will be prompted to give the system permission about the instruction of saving the photo or video file, make sure to accept it so the app can do its functions well.

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