The PlayStation 4 (PS4) has already come a long way as a system unit since having been introduced several years back. While known for its robust and stable design, the PlayStation 4’s system is not necessarily the most comprehensive when it comes to certain amenities. This includes a handy feature such as the ability to monitor every player’s play duration, whether as a whole or per game.

In light of that particular limitation, there is a third-party system that seems address just that—a website called PS Timetracker —

As intuitive as its name implies, PS Timetracker essentially functions as a tracker over a user’s playtime record based on habits established at the onset of the tracking. 

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PlayStation 4

Opting for this feature is pretty simple and straightforward. You simply need to add to your friend’s list a bot named “ps-timetracker2.” With it being now a part of your friend’s circle, it will automatically monitor your play habit.

However, for this benefit to kick in, every user must meet the following conditions:

  • Must be online. Going offline prevents the bot from tracking.
  • The PS4 unit must be active in usage and not in Rest Mode.

Meeting the aforementioned requirements, you can expect PS Timetracker to send you an update at least once a day, granted you have played at least half an hour during that day.

Considering the overall population of the PS4 community, it can only render service to a very tiny percentage. As of writing, PS Timetracker is only capable of catering to at most 3,500 unique users.

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