Being able to experience the life of a superhero directly in its shoes is a boyhood dream that many had aspired. With the release of Iron Man VR, the idea is now more of a reality as delivered by a capable hardware, that is, the PSVR.

But did Iron Man VR manage to deliver an experience that could somehow imitate—or better yet, surpass—the success of other superhero games, albeit in a different format?

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The idea of living the experience of being within the iconic Iron Man suit might seem fantastic at first. But, sadly, the supposed “magical” feeling that comes to it is not necessarily a long-lasting experience. 

With a reality that seems to contradict the ideal considerations that is possible in a VR game, Iron Man VR is a cool-looking game which draws from its novelty. However, ultimately, it feels like a bland product marred by the shortcomings of its otherwise significant parts.  

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