Iron Man is arguably one of the most badass characters in the Marvel universe. With a set of arsenal that makes Batman’s seem low-tech, Iron Man has “toys” that can dominate the world if he so wishes. 

But we all know that Tony Stark is not that evil and that his business empire, for the most part, is a result of his obsession with technology—him being a genius and a person who has enough capital funding to do as he pleases.

Yet, as fiction as the story of Iron Man comes, not everything about it is merely a result of creative thinking—one, particularly Iron Man’s Plasma Glove that cuts through steel can be real. Of course, at the major caveat that the output will not be a 100% faithful recreation as what’s been seen in movies or comics.

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But who better to take on the task of crafting this seemingly uncommon task than the people behind “The Hacksmith” YouTube channel who have the repertoire of building stuff that no other persons would. 

In this full episode, the “Hacksmiths” give us a tour on how an Iron Man’s Glove that emits plasma and tear through steel is created and how it actually performs.  

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