Project Valerie, one of the most unique and impressive creations by Razer, is the world’s first laptop with automated triple 4k display.

It is highly powerful but remains portable and mobile, a superior kind that lets users experience the best when working and playing. It was presented during CES 2017, a  global trade show focused on the best and latest gadgets, where two of its prototypes were stolen from Razer’s own booth.

Because of its stunning specs and features, owning one will surely leave anyone in awe. Unfortunately, there has been no announcements regarding its release date and price. There’s also a possibility that it won’t be able in the market anytime from now.

However, YouTuber JerryRigEverything, who earned a name for his smartphone durability tests, took on the unforgiving (but possible) task of building his own take on Project Valerie. A DIY that would teach viewers how to make your own triple screen laptop.

It’s not as impressive as Project Valerie but it is more than enough if one can’t afford Razer’s masterpiece. The screens fold in through the use of regular door hinges (available at any hardware store). The screens are glued because screwing them would destroy the screen. They also receive data and power in the main laptop via USB.

Though it is far from the triple 4K displays that Project Valerie has, it still counts as something far from a regular laptop. If you want to have this kind of laptop, watch the video above and start building your own.

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