Razer’s Project Valerie gaming laptop features three screens

Razer Project Valerie

CES is usually a platform to exhibit innovative tech gadgets, many of which we won’t be seeing soon because they are just merely concepts.

Razer’s new laptop is one of such concept gadgets. The device is tagged under the name Project Valerie and is unique in a way that it packs three screens which can all function as one.

The Project Valerie laptop is twice as thick as the everyday laptop and it weighs over 11 pounds. Each of the three screens are 17-inches in size, so the weight shouldn’t be surprising. It’s encased in an all-aluminum body and uses Razer’s short-throw keyboard suitable for hard core gaming.


As for the specifications, the displays all have 4K resolutions and are precisely 17.3-inches each. Two of the display retract and emerge from behind the central display and then align to create a 180- degree viewing area. The displays are powered by Nvidia’s G-Sync monitor technology which ensures the multi-display function works very well. The laptop also supports Nvidia Surround technology which makes it capable of spreading a single image across the three displays. There is also enough fire power to enable it work with the Oculus Rift by Facebook or HTC Vive VR headset.

Also, there won’t be need to bother about clogged wires as all the wiring is done internally without any itch when the side screens deploy or retract.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information revealed about the Razer Project Valerie. Details like the processor, GPU, and memory were left out. Also, no mention was made of the battery capacity. Sure, this would need a heavy duty battery size because three 4K displays would surely drain any normal-size battery in seconds.

Source: Razer


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