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iPhone and iPad users who have just updated their devices to iOS 14.2 are getting Apple’s best version of its prized mobile operating system, thus far.

One of the update’s highlights is a functionality that lets users identify a running song they like by simply tapping on their device. But to take advantage of this feature, users must first configure their device for it.

How to make iPhone identify songs

1. First, confirm that the device is indeed running on the latest iOS firmware by going to Settings > General > Software update.

2. Go to Settings again, but this time navigate to Control Center.

3. Scroll down while under the “More” option and then tap on the green “+” button just beside Music Recognition.

4. Voila! You had just added the Music Recognition functionality in the Control Center.

spotify iphone feature

How to use it?

There is only one way to use the Music Recognition feature if enabled—that is, by tapping on the icon whenever the device is actively running music. However, how the user will navigate towards that touchable icon will vary according to the type of device.

  • iPhone with Face ID

Swipe down from the upper right portion of the screen to bring down the Control Center shade and reveal the location where Music Recognition icon resides.

  • iPhone with home button

Do the complete opposite by swiping from the bottom-most part of the screen and then upwards to reveal a menu that lets you tap on the Music Recognition icon.

That’s it! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below.

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