Not a lot of people in the Philippines may have heard of them, but Dasca Cable is one of the most popular local internet service providers in Cavite.

Operating in Damariñas City, Cavite, Dasca Cable has branched out over the years and started offering fiber internet with its Dasca Fiber Blaze service.

Today, we’ll show you the brand’s consumer and business plans, how to subscribe to them, where are they available, and all the things you should know about Dasca Fiber Blaze. Let’s begin.

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List of Dasca Fiber Blaze Home plans

Dasca Fiber Blaze Home Php999/mo• up to 50Mbps
• over 90 premium channels
Dasca Fiber Blaze Home Php1499/mo• up to 200Mbps
• over 90 premium channels
Dasca Fiber Blaze Home Php2499/mo• up to 300Mbps
• over 90 premium channels
Dasca Fiber Blaze Home Php3499/mo• up to 400Mbps
• over 90 premium channels

List of Dasca Fiber Blaze Biz Business plans

Dasca Fiber Blaze Biz Php1499/mo• up to 100Mbps
• over 90 premium channels
• superior connection
• peak-hour priority
Dasca Fiber Blaze Biz Php2499/mo• up to 200Mbps
• over 90 premium channels
• superior connection
• peak-hour priority
Dasca Fiber Blaze Biz Php3499/mo• up to 300Mbps
• over 90 premium channels
• superior connection
• peak-hour priority
Dasca Fiber Blaze Biz Php4999/mo• up to 400Mbps
• over 90 premium channels
• superior connection
• peak-hour priority

For a limited time, Dasca Fiber is offering a switcher promo where you can avail each plan for only Php500, Php750, Php1,250, and Php1,750 per month, respectively, for the first 7 months (3 months for Plan 999). The promo is available for all new applicants.


How to apply for Dasca Fiber Blaze?

There are a couple of ways you can reach Dasca Cable to apply for a Fiber Blaze plan. You can check them out below:

  • Via their Petron Satellite office at MTR Petron Bldg., Aguinaldo Highway, Dasmariñas Cavite
  • Via Google Forms

Yes, you read that right. You need to fill-up a Google Form to sign-up for the service.

What are the requirements for Dasca Cable Internet application?

  • 1x photocopy of valid ID w/ 3 specimen signature
  • Photocopy of electric or water bill
  • Latest Statement of Account or Billing from last internet provider
  • HOA clearance (if needed)

How much is the Dasca Fiber installation fee and cashout?

As of writing, the ISP is offering free installation worth Php2,000 with zero cashout.

Does Dasca Cable Internet come with WiFi mesh?


The Plan 2499 comes with 2pc WiFi mesh while the Plan 3499 has 3pcs. Plan 999 and Plan 1499 don’t come with one, but you can get a Fiber Blaze Home WiFi for as low as Php50 per month.

Where is Dasca Fiber internet available?

Dasca Fiber, like its cable TV service, is currently available in Dasmariñas City, Cavite, and its 75 active barangays and 121 active subdivisions. No information yet if there are plans on expanding their network coverage.

What are the inclusions for Dasca Fiber Blaze plans?

Each Dasca Fiber Blaze plan comes with cable channels, no data capping, and more.

Does Dasca Fiber Blaze have a data cap?

Both Dasca Fiber Blaze’s Home or residential plans and Biz or business plans don’t have data capping. In short, this means unlimited downloads, uploads, and streaming for its users because the provider didn’t set a bandwidth limit.

Does Dasca Fiber internet plans include cable channels?

Yes. Whether it’s the Home or Biz plans, and whichever tier you get, your plan will still come with cable TV with access to over 90 premium channels.

Does Dasca Fiber Blaze have a lock-in period?

Yes. Dasca Fiber Residential and Business plans require a 24-month or 2-year lock-in period.

What are the minimum speed and service reliability of Dasca Fiber Blaze internet?

The Home plan comes with a 30% minimum speed and 80% service reliability. Meanwhile, the Biz plans apparently have “superior internet connection” and give priority connection during peak hours.

Dasca Fiber Blaze no internet?


If you’re having issues with your Dasca Fiber Blaze internet service, one thing you can try to fix it is by restarting your WiFi router or modem. Also, check for any cable damage and connection of other subscribers to see if the issue is isolated.

Another common problem is the red light indicating Loss of Signal (LOS). If this is the case, check out our article on LOS to see possible fixes.

But if any of those didn’t work, chances are, there’s a network-wide service interruption. For updates and announcements, you can follow the company’s Facebook page at Dasca Cable Services, Inc.

How to contact Dasca Cable customer service?

You can reach Dasca Fiber through these channels:

  • Dasca Cable Services, Inc on Facebook
  • Petron Gasoline Station Aguinaldo Hi-way Brgy. Zone 1-A (Former Dasca Sports Outlet). Monday to Sunday, 8 am-4 pm
  • Smart: 0929-805-6289
  • Globe: 0915 296 5864, 0906 389 7404, 0905 494 7109

What are the Dasca Fiber payment methods?

You may pay your Dasca Fiber Blaze bill using the official app, or through other online financial platforms listed below.

  • Dasca Fiber Blaze app on Android or iOS
  • GCash
  • PayMaya
  • 7-Eleven
  • Bayad Center
  • ECPay

Dasca Fiber Blaze alternatives

If you’re not sure about Dasca Cable’s internet plans, or you have bad experience with their service, you can check the other fiber internet service providers in the Philippines.

That’s everything you should know about Dasca Fiber Blaze. Let us know in the comments below if you have further questions and we’ll try to help you out.

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