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Smart GIGA promos now available for PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi


Sister companies PLDT and Smart just made a huge announcement. The PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi has been rebranded to Smart.

With this, the former’s Home Prepaid WiFi will now complement the latter’s Smart Bro services.

This means that starting March 1, 2021, PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi users can now subscribe to internet promos that Smart subscribers get to enjoy.

That includes promos like the GIGA Pro that has up to all-access 24GB of data allocation, with 3GB per day on select apps for video, work, study, game, and stories (social media apps). You can check the full list of GIGA promos for more details.


Besides the GIGA Promos, Home Prepaid WiFi subscribers can still enjoy the traditional Famload promos with big data allocation fit for most households.

It can offer up to 100GB of all-access data, with up to 3GB per day for video streaming apps and study. Here’s a list of Famload promos currently available.


To subscribe to these promos, users can download the GigaLife App available on Android and iOS devices. Through the app, users can also check their Smart GigaPoints for rewards.

Interested users can avail of these services by getting the PLDT Home WiFi LTE-A for only Php1,995.

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