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New lawsuit claims Apple is intentionally degrading performance and battery life of iPhones


A lawsuit filed against Apple claims that past iOS updates dramatically reduced the speed and battery life of iPhones.

Several users have complained about battery drain and performance problems related to iOS 14.5, iOS 14.5.1, and iOS 14.6. These complaints link performance and battery drain issues to Apple’s alleged planned obsolescence on its products.

“Apple benefits from not having to tell existing and prospective iPhone users that updates touted to add desirable features and to fix security and other bugs have a significant countervailing downside in the form of decreased processing speed and battery life.” 

The lawsuit claims that Apple is intentionally degrading the performance of old iPhones before any product announcement to stir up demand for more powerful smartphones with better battery life. Since most consumers automatically download and install software updates, it’s an alleged trick used by Apple to get users to purchase new phones.

As of the moment, iPhone users cannot download individual security patches from an update without getting the whole package update. But with iOS 15, Apple will give consumers the choice of getting the entire update or only the security patches.

Source: Apple Insider

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