For years, Apple users have enjoyed the seamless experience of iMessage, while messages from non-iOS devices appeared as green bubbles. However, with the adoption of RCS, Apple aims to provide a better interoperability experience and eliminate the reliance on traditional SMS and MMS protocols.

The RCS Universal Profile UP offers a global messaging service that simplifies communication across different networks and devices, ensuring a consistent messaging experience for users.

Apple’s decision to embrace RCS demonstrates a willingness to enhance the messaging experience for its users. By incorporating RCS support, messages between iPhones and non-iOS devices can be exchanged using a more secure protocol than SMS. Additionally, media sharing capabilities will be improved, allowing for higher-quality content transmission.


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While iMessage still offers exclusive features such as voice memo transcriptions and check-ins, RCS support will bridge the gap between iOS and Android messaging platforms, providing greater convenience and compatibility.

Google, a long-time advocate for RCS, has welcomed Apple’s decision to support the messaging standard. The tech giant believes this collaboration will lead to a more equitable and secure messaging experience for users around the globe.

Although Apple has announced its intention to support RCS, the exact timeline for the implementation remains unclear. The statement provided by Apple suggests that support for RCS will be introduced in 2024. However, further details regarding the specific features and functionalities of RCS on iOS are yet to be disclosed.

Via: 9to5Mac

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