Apple is reportedly developing a groundbreaking solution that would allow for wireless updates to unopened iPhones. Traditionally, when purchasing a new phone, users are often greeted with a system update immediately upon unboxing the device. However, Apple is said to be working on a solution to this common inconvenience.

According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, Apple is developing a proprietary device that will enable retail store employees to wirelessly update sealed iPhone boxes without actually opening them.

Gurman explains that store employees would be able to place the sealed iPhone boxes on a pad-like device, which would then initiate the wireless boot-up process, update the system software, and power the phone off again. This innovative technology is expected to be implemented in Apple stores by the end of the year.

This development holds significant potential for convenience and efficiency. By enabling immediate use of the phone without the need to download and install updates, customers can enjoy a seamless experience right from the start. Additionally, individuals in areas with limited internet access, such as rural or underserved regions, would no longer have to wait hours or use up their data allowance for a software update. Furthermore, this solution could help reduce customer complaints, as many out-of-the-box issues can be addressed through software updates.

While Apple is leading the charge with this wireless update solution, it is hoped that rival companies like Samsung, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, and others will follow suit and offer a similar convenience at their stores.

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