If you were a fan of films such as Back to the Future, then you probably know what Tesla’s Cybertruck is. But what if someone takes that automobile design to an iPhone?

To start with, a Tesla Cybertruck caused a phenomenon back then. It was a unique design which deviates from the usual vehicles of the day. Now, a Russian firm called Caviar got the idea of creating the “cyber” design on an iPhone 11 model, however it is not related to Apple and Tesla at all.

Basically, it appears to be a shell covering an Apple iPhone 11 Pro. The screen is protected by a titanium plate. You can then flip it down and around to the back so that it doubles its purpose as an iPhone stand.

Caviar will only produce 99 Cyberphones and will also sell a 64GB unit based on the iPhone 11 Pro. The price starts at USD5,265. If you want to avail the Max version, or you simply want more storage then price could range over USD15,860.

People are already noticing this extraordinary phone. Some accepts the idea, while some doesn’t think it’s practical. What do you think about Caviar’s take on Tesla’s Cybertruck? You can tell us in the comments below.

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