Technology, indeed, is an ever-changing aspect of the world. They also have their ups and downs, and it looks like year 2019 saw the decline of the worldwide tablet market.

International Data Corporation (IDC), the premier global provider of market intelligence, reports that the tablet market dipped 0.6% every year during the fourth quarter of 2019. During this period, global shipments only distributed 43.5 million units. A 1.5% rating year-over-year of global shipments sums up to 144 million units.

Leading the market sale is Apple, a unit shipment of 40.9 million (34.6% market share). Apple’s portfolio is now aimed towards detachables, and slate tablet shipments remain idle causing a massive 79.3% decline.


Samsung follows with a 21.7 million units shipped (15.1% market share). Samsung now also leans to a detachable portfolio, specifically their Tab S series, however even with this kind of focus; the company couldn’t avoid a decline from its slate tablets.

Huawei secures third spot with 14.1 million units shipped (9.8% market share). What’s good about Huawei is that their decline was relatively low, although they are pressed by the United States. The majority of their sales, therefore, comes from Asia/Pacific regions particularly in China. Moreover, their new MatePad Pro 10.8” helped boost their sales growth, but their MediaPad M continuous to become somewhat of a burden.


Coming in at fourth is Amazon with a unit shipment of 13 million (9% market sale). The Black Friday sales on their Fire HD 10, Fire HD 8, and Fire 7 are to thank for this boost on the market. Another factor is their Kids Editions of tablets which scored the hearts of many.

Lenovo ranks last with only 8.5 million units shipped (5.9% market share) where the majority of the company’s sales come from their low-priced tablets. However, its best market performance continues to improve in the Asia-Pacific and Europe countries.

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