From sending silly GIFs to adding special effects to your messages, Apple’s iMessage is full of fun and creative ways to communicate with friends and family. But did you know there’s a whole set of secret codes you can use to unlock even more effects and animations to play with? In this article, we’ll explore the world of iMessage codewords and how you can use them to create spectacular iMessage effects.

What do iMessage effects do?

Screen effects are an excellent way of sending entertaining animations, such as balloons, lasers, fireworks, and many more.

NOTE: Android users won’t be able to take advantage of the screen effects as they are only compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac.

iMessage screen effects

CodeiMessage Screen Effects
“Happy New Year”Fireworks
“Happy Birthday”Floating Balloons
“Pew pew”Color Changing Laser
“Happy Chinese New Year”Red and Gold Explosion
“Congratulations” or “Selamat”Rain of Confetti

Another way to create a screen effect is to press and hold the send button after typing your message — you’ll see several “Send With” options. Take note that you can include any text for this one and it won’t mess with the effects.

CodeiMessage Screen Effects
CelebrationGold Fireworks on Red Background
FireworksFireworks Explode
Shooting starShooting Star Across the Screen
LoveGiant Heart Pop on Message
EchoFills the Screen with Tons of Bubble Messages
BalloonsBalloon flow Across the Screen
ConfettiConfetti Shower
SpotlightSpotlight on Message
LaserLaser Lights

How to trigger iMessage screen effect

To activate a screen effect with an iMessage code, input any of the codewords from the first table above without quotation marks in any iMessage thread. Capitalization does not affect the animation, so feel free to mix it up. Tap send and the matching effect will start right away.

Remember that you should not include any other words if you’re using the codes above, because this will stop the effect from showing up. But if you’re going to use full-screen effects, any message content will work.

You can also activate the screen effect by holding the send button.

  1. Compose your message with any text, emojis, or Memojis. When you’re finished, press and hold on to the send button to access a menu of bubble effects and screen effects to accompany your message.
  2. To view all your options, swipe left or right on the Select Screen.
  3. After selecting your desired effect, go ahead and click the send button to deliver the message to your recipient.

Once an iMessage with a screen effect has been sent, the animation will stop after it plays. However, there is a replay button underneath the iMessage that you and your recipients can tap to watch the animation again.

That’s it. Pretty easy, right? Now, go ahead and spice your messages up with these special effects.

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