In the 2024 installment of its annual WWDC event, Apple has introduced the much anticipated iOS 18.

As expected, iOS 18 focuses on bringing features enabled by AI, a bunch of new customization features, improvements in satellite messaging, the introduction of a new app for password safekeeping, and more.


iOS 18 will be available on compatible devices in late Q3 to Q4 of 2024. Those who want to try it out can download the public beta version now.

Today, we’ll narrow down the new features we liked on iOS 18. Let’s start.

AI (Apple Intelligence)


Apple has teamed up with ChatGPT maker OpenAI to enable a bunch of new AI-powered features. Sadly, it only works with the iPhone 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max, and newer devices.

With AI, Siri is much more useful as it can understand your commands better, can scan through details within your phone (emails, texts, gallery, etc.) for better answers, and more.

With the help of AI, iOS 18 can understand incoming notifications and only show you important ones. AI also enables new writing tools, lets you remove distractions on photos, and of course, create AI-generated images and Apple’s new Genmojis.

Improved customization


Apple has introduced a bunch of new customization features on iOS 18 — some of which Android users have already had for years.

For one, you can now customize the color of all the apps on your home screen. iOS 18 can also suggest the right color to match your wallpaper.

More comprehensive Control Center


One of the most-used iOS features is the Control Center and, on iOS 18, it’s getting new features.

The Control Center now has a gallery-like feature where you can swipe up to access more controls. You can also rearrange and resize each button. Again, quite reminiscent of what Android phones already had for years.

Satellite messages


Don’t have access to cellular service or WiFi? With iOS 18, iPhone 14 models and later can still contact their friends and family via iMessage or SMS with satellite connectivity, allowing them to send/receive messages, emojis, and Tapbacks. The best part is, that messages are end-to-end encrypted.

The Messages app will now also let you schedule messages and has support for RCS messaging.

Passwords app


During the iOS 18 presentation, Apple also introduced a new app called Passwords, which can securely store all your passwords and credentials with secure end-to-end encryption and syncs seamlessly with all your Apple devices.

Those are the new features we’re excited to test out on the upcoming iOS 18. Which one is yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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