There’s no stopping the deluge of leaked images and specs lists when it comes to the upcoming models of the Apple-branded smartphone: the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, especially now that rumors are starting to suggest a September 10 public unveiling for both devices.

The latest images we have here come from Vietnamese website Tinhte, which is renowned for reporting accurate tidbits on Apple products way before the Cupertino company does its official announcement. Pictured together with the iPhone 5, the two new phones certainly have distinct appearances that are naturally designed for the target audience and purpose they’re made for.





As for the golden day when consumers finally get a hold of the devices, there’s still no confirmation from Apple itself. However, sources of AllThingsD have pointed out that September 10 may be the right day, coinciding with other expected announcements such as a new Mac OS X version and TV and watch gadgets.


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