One of the biggest selling points of iPhones is its well-known update support. In fact, iPhones used to have the longest one, not until the recent developments in the Android space.

Apple never really confirmed how long the support period for iPhones is, not until now. Thanks to the new regulations in the United Kingdom, they were forced to disclose how long they will support the iPhones, particularly the latest iPhone 15 series.


In a posting on their website, Apple confirms that the “Defined Support Period” for the iPhone 15 Pro Max — the best smartphone they have to date — will have a “minimum 5 years from the first supply date.”

That’s two years shorter than Samsung and Google, which promises 7 years of major software upgrades.

But, bear in mind the word “minimum”. This means that there’s a possibility that the support for the iPhone 15 series will be longer than that. This is obviously Apple playing it safe as they don’t want to guarantee longer support in case future technology will no longer support current hardware, while also assuring consumers that, in case the current iPhones are indeed capable of handling future tech, they will keep receiving updates.

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