Smart finally revealed their own pricing of postpaid plans for the highly anticipated iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Check out the details below.

The 16GB iPhone 6 can be availed for as low as Php1,799 per month, at Plan 999 + Php800 monthly. In case you want it free, you would have to subscribe to Data Plan 3000 to get the device with the least storage option.

Here are the Plan inclusions on the following:


Smart iPhone Plans

iPhone 6 ModelsiPhone Plan 999, cash-outiPhone Plan 1799, cash-out
iPhone 6 16GBPhp19,200
*or 800/mo.
iPhone 6 64GBPhp25,200
*or 1,050/mo.
iPhone 6 128GBPhp27,700
*or 1,154.17/mo.
iPhone 6 Plus 16GBPhp25,200
*or 1,050/mo.
iPhone 6 Plus 64GBPhp27,700
*or 1,154.17/mo.
iPhone 6 Plus 128GBPhp32,300
*or 1,345.83/mo.

Smart Data Plans

iPhone 6 ModelsData Plan 2000, cash-outData Plan 3000, cash-out
iPhone 6 16GBPhp6,000FREE
iPhone 6 64GBPhp12,000.Php5,000
**Waived for special retention
iPhone 6 128GBPhp16,600Php10,000
iPhone 6 Plus 16GBPhp12,000Php5,000
**Waived for special retention
iPhone 6 Plus 64GBPhp16,600Php10,000
iPhone 6 Plus 128GBPhp21,300Php15,000

Smart All-in Plans

iPhone 6 ModelsAll-In
Plan 1200, cash-out
Plan 1800, cash-out
Plan 2500, cash-out
iPhone 6 16GBPhp21,400Php16,900Php11,700
iPhone 6 64GBPhp26,000Php21,600Php16,400
iPhone 6 128GBPhp30,700Php26,200Php21,000
iPhone 6 Plus 16GBPhp26,000Php21,600Php16,400
iPhone 6 Plus 64GBPhp30,700Php26,200Php21,000
iPhone 6 Plus 128GBPhp35,400Php30,900Php25,700

Smart Infinity


* 0% installment for 24 months is applicable for all cash-outs under Plan 999 via participating credit card partners: BDO, BDO – American Express, BPI, Citibank, Diners Club, EastWest Bank, Metrobank, Security Bank, Unionbank.


Both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are now available for pre-order and it will be available starting November 14, 2014. For complete details, check out the Smart page here.

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