The time for a break from school is over. This means that our students are once again back into the grind of studying in classes—and, for the modern pupil, a perfect time to have a laptop on hand. Because, while the tried-and-true pen and paper are not necessarily obsolete, there is certainly a benefit to having a handy gadget on your tabletop or desk when doing all those research to complement learning.

To cater to that particular edge, Cherry has in its portfolio a few selections of laptops that perfectly match the two different kinds of students—the “nerd-jock” (AVITA Essential) and the “go-getter” (AVITA Liber V14 R5).

AVITA Essential


“All laptops look the same on the surface.” Well, true, but the AVITA Essential begs to differ. While this laptop did not necessarily reinvent the wheel when it comes to form factor, there is something about its aesthetic that makes it unique from most laptops, especially in its price range of Php16,000—Have you ever seen a laptop don a cloth-like fabric for its cover? But that is just merely looking at this device at the superficial level, what about its performance?

With an Intel Celeron N4000 CPU paired with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage, this laptop does okay in handling your typical school activities, like doing typing jobs and browsing the internet for research. Another noteworthy aspect of the AVITA Essential also is its power efficiency and extensive battery life, which means that this portable machine can handle long hours of active usage without the need to rely on a direct power source, apart from its battery charge. Being a device as well, connectivity with other devices is a big part of the game—and the AVITA Essential does not disappoint with its many ports.



AVITA Liber V14 R5

In a fast-paced environment where slow could mean wasting time, a competitive student simply could not afford to lag, especially not when there is just the right device to match the lifestyle. Equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, as well as 512GB of storage, the AVITA Liber V14 R5 is fast enough to outpace the competition and has ample memory to store school requirements throughout the entire school year.

But even the best of students have time for entertainment, right? Thanks to AVITA Liber V14 R5’s sophisticated 14-inch display, users can then choose to spend their downtime with a bit of chill watching their favorite Netflix movie or TV series, or whatnot. All of the aforementioned benefits for just the price tag of Php32,900.

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