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Apple sued for false marketing over defective M1 MacBook display


A class-action lawsuit in the US has been filed claiming Apple falsely advertised and intentionally sold MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with faulty hardware.

Some months after the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models powered by the M1 chip were released, reports began spreading online on said devices getting cracked screens, disruptive vertical/horizontal lines, dead spots, and other defects.

MacBook Pro M1

Based on these reports, the lawsuit is challenging Apple over its supposedly deceptive, fraudulent business practices. It questions Apple over its claim in advertisements that its 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are reliable and durable. The lawsuit also alleges the company apparently knew about the defects but still intentionally misled consumers.

Apple insists the users are at fault here for negligence due to closing the lid of their laptops without properly clearing the keyboard deck of debris, thereby causing the crack themselves. Customers who wanted free replacements/repairs were reportedly dismissed by Apple specialists for this warranty-voiding “contact point crack.”

Source: MacRumors

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