#Sinulog2017 under the lens of OPPO F1s


Here are some of the photos we took using the OPPO F1s’ camera in this year’s Sinulog Festival in Cebu.

Last weekend, we were invited by OPPO to come and participate in the yearly Sinulog Festival. We flew to Cebu last Friday morning and reached our destination by afternoon.

All of us wandered around Cebu and took photos using the #SelfieExpert OPPO F1s. Signals were shut down for security purposes, so we were left with no choice but to stop fiddling with our phones, take photos, and appreciate what’s in front of us. And honestly, it’s worth it.

Majority of us are too attached to social media and the world wide web nowadays that’s why we often forget to enjoy things that are right before our eyes. Jamming signals are the right decision, and I believe that it should be done more often to ‘force’ people to socialize and talk to others. We always find comfort and entertainment online, that’s why sometimes we unconsciously distance ourselves from the real world around us.

Check out our photos below:

The Sinulog 2017 Festival was a blast and we all enjoyed being part of it. The street party was wild and Cebuanos are really kind. During the day of the festive, everyone was greeting “Pit Señor!”, high-fiving, and hugging each other. I would’ve not believed it was that fun if I didn’t saw it in my own eyes.


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