BLUETTI, one of the leading brands in the clean energy storage industry, is currently holding its Spring Sale on its website stores in Lazada and Shopee Philippines until April 15.

The company aims to provide users with clean and mobile power for their season camping, picnic, hiking, and other outdoor activities. You can check the special offering below or head directly to the BLUETTI website.


Budget-friendly portable power — BLUETTI EB3A

  • Php13,999 (from Php34,800)
  • Free camping lamp

The BLUETTI EB3A is a compact and portable power station weighing only 10 lbs. It has up to 600W and 1200W surge wattage, which is enough to power multiple devices like smartphones, laptops, cameras, and even mini-fridges, slow cookers, and more. It can store 268W of power in its LiFe PO4 (LFP) battery, which can keep 80% of its capacity even after 2,500 charging cycles.

How long does it last? According to the company, the EB3A can keep a 10W light on for 22 straight hours, a 60Wh laptop or 60W fridge for 4 hours, and an 80W smart TV for 3 hours.

If you plan on spending days outdoors, you can charge it using the BLUETTI PV200S and PV350S solar panels for a max charging speed of 200W. It also works with the BLUETTI app, so you can monitor and control the device in real-time.

Portable power that can do more — BLUETTI EB70

  • Php28,999 (from Php39,800)
  • Free multimeter

Now more advanced, the EB70 can provide up to 800W to 1400W of power and comes with a larger capacity of 716Wh. This means it can run more appliances made for different scenarios. It can power up to 12 devices with its versatile DC and AC outputs.

Just like the EB3A, it uses a reliable LiFePO4 battery and comes with a sleek design. It is also easy to use and comes in different colors.

On a single charge, the BLUETTI EB70 can power a 75W TV and a 90W mini fridge for 6.8 to 8 hours. It can also be charged using solar panels in case you run out of juice.

One of the best portable power stations — BLUETTI AC200P

  • Php79,999 (from Php178,800)
  • Free cutlery set

One of the flagship products from BLUETTI, the AC200P provides exceptional portability, cost-effectiveness, and of course, functionality. It boasts an enormous 2,000W inverter with a 2,000W LiFePO4 battery.

According to the brand, LiFePO4 is the safest and most stable battery in the market as it can last for 10 years even if you charge it once a day. If the capacity is not enough, you can pair it with the B230 or B300 expandable battery packs to increase its capacity to 4048Wh or 5072Wh, respectively.

It also has 17 built-in outlets for better versatility to ensure that any of your devices are charged quickly, especially during power disruptions or if you plan on living off-grid.

What’s more, you can charge it in different ways: through a wall outlet, your car, a gas generator, and of course, via a solar panel. It can be fully charged in only 3 hours by combining a 400W AC input with the 700W solar charger.

BLUETTI PV200S and PV350S solar panels

  • PV200S: Php23,559 (from Php39,800)
  • PV350S: Php42,299 (from Php76,980)

Both the BLUETTO PV200S and PV350S utilize monocrystalline cells that offer up to 23.4% efficiency. Made to withstand water splashes and scratches, these panels are covered with an ETFE material with an IP65-rated junction box. They also have a fold-and-go design so they are easy to transport and set up.

The duo also comes with the popular MC4 connector standard, making them compatible with most solar generators available in the market. On a very sunny day, they can generate 200W and 450W of power, respectively, for faster charging speeds.

You can grab this special BLUETTI Spring Sale deals on their official website and stores in Shopee and Lazada from April 1 to 15, 2023.

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