Cherry Mobile is holding a special promo in some of their low-end devices. With the Cherry Mobile Festival Lucky 9 promo, you can get a chance to win a free trip abroad.

The Cherry Mobile festival 2018 Asian Cruise raffle promo will run from April 4 to June 5. The winning prize is a free cruise in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia for five days and four nights.

Everyone who will purchase any of the listed Cherry Mobile devices below has a chance to win the Asian Cruise prize. The good thing is, these devices are in the sub-Php3k bracket. That’s an affordable price to pay for a smartphone and, if you-re lucky, an out-of-town cruise.

Each purchase of any of the listed device entitles you to two (2) raffle coupons. This doubles your chances of winning.

  • Cherry Mobile Iris (read our review) – Php2,999 (save Php500 from its original SRP of Php3,499)
  • Flare S5 Mini DTV – Php1,999 (save Php300 from its original SRP of Php2,299)
  • Flare S6 Mini – Php1,999 (save Php300 from its original SRP of Php2,299)
  • Flare J7 Lite – Php2,299
  • Touch 2 – Php2,299
  • Omega Icon Lite – Php2,299
  • Omega Lite 3C – Php2,599
  • Flare S6 Lite – Php2,999
  • Flare HD 3 – Php2,999
  • Flare Lite DTV2 – Php1,799
  • Flare J2 Mini – Php1,999
  • Flare P1 Lite – Php1,999
  • Flare Lite 3s – Php1,999
  • Astro 2 – Php1,699
  • Astro 2s – Php 1,699
  • Ace 3 – Php1,799
  • Astro 3 – Php1,799

You can head on to Cherry Mobile’s concept stores and kiosks, get the device,  and earn your two raffle tickets.  And as stated earlier, the promo will run from April 4 to June 5, so you still have a lot of time to get in.

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