Cherry Prepaid Buy 1, Take 1 mobile data promos revealed


Cherry Prepaid has launched a new buy 1, take 1 data promo with the goal of keeping everyone connected online as the pandemic continues.

Based on a running campaign dubbed #QuarantipidSaCherryPrepaid, Cherry Prepaid is offering a limited-time offer on its select data promos.

There are a total of seven promos available during the campaign whose cost ranges from Php10 to Php99. However, the following four arguably provides the best value for money, based on the amount of data and duration.

  • CMSURF10, which is good for 1 day, grants consumers 150MB of data, which is decent enough for making research online.
  • CMSURF20 lasts for a 7 days and offers a data allocation of 350MB.
  • CMSURF50 has a duration of 15 days and allocates 900MB worth of data.
  • CMSURF99 has a validity period of 30 days and gives consumers 1.7GB of data.

As a “buy 1, take 1” promo, anyone who would avail of any of the data promotion are entitled to twice the data allocation from that said promo.  

For interested consumers, simply use the keyword for a specific promo and send it to “2138.”

Promo is good until the end of May 2020. 


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