LastPass Free

You can now use the famous password manager for free.

What’s a password manager? It’s a service that aims to streamline all your username and passwords across the web into one safe place. All you need to remember is the LastPass password and it will take care of the rest.

LastPass has announced that it’s now free to use across various devices, removing the previous limit on free accounts.

The mobile version was also free before, but syncing it to multiple devices requires a subscription. This means that it’s almost useless in the past since saving log-ins across different devices is one key feature of a password manager. But starting today, you can enjoy all that for free.

Those who already have LastPass accounts will be upgraded. They will now be able to sync the mobile app and browser extension simultaneously.

On the other hand, premium subscriber will still get to enjoy extra features like 1GB of encrypted storage, YubiKey, family sharing, two-factor authentication, and PC fingerprint support. It also supports LastPass logins on apps.

Of course, the service isn’t entirely ‘free’. Instead, LastPass is throwing in advertisements to free users.

If you want to get rid of it, you can consider subscribing for just $1 per month with all the extra features and priority tech support.

Source: LastPass Blog

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