Microsoft Teams chat-based workspace now official, takes on Slack


Microsoft has a new chat app.

The new Microsoft Teams will be part of the Office 365 suite and it’s integrated with Microsoft Office and Skype. It’s never been a secret, though. Rumors have been floating around for months and just a few weeks ago, it’s confirmed to be in testing because of an accessible URL.

So what makes it different to currently available workplace chat platforms? Microsoft Teams supports threaded chats, multi-person video chat, as well as Office document collaboration. Since Microsoft has all these productivity software up on their sleeve, they’re trying their best to stitch them together in one complete productivity environment.

Microsoft claims that lots of companies and businesses already use Skype for chats and work-related stuff. But this time, they want to unify them into one cohesive app.

Teams is basically a “chat-based workspace” designed for real-time work collaboration. It also supports emojis in case employees want to lighten things up a bit. It supports multiple teams and switching can be made in just a few clicks.

Microsoft Teams is currently available for customer preview in Office 365. It will be translated in 18 languages and it’ll launch in 181 countries early next year. Microsoft plans to bundle it on all Office 365 Small Business and Enterprise suite in 2017.


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